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Turkey is a situated between Europe and Asia and connecting western and eastern cultures. Although it has a rich biblical history, it’s actually an exceptionally modern country that keeps its traditional culture. There are scores of historical attractions and activities which are not to be found in other regions. Before leaving home, it’s important to know what to expect regarding food, climate and cultural etiquette.

Turkish Food
A common Turkish breakfast consists include:  white cheeses, tomatoes, black olives, eggs and bread. Lunch may include: lamb, chicken, fresh fruit or a bulgar pilaf dish.  Soups are popular both at lunch and dinner such as the Wedding Soup that’s made with lamp shanks. A typical dinner begins with appetizers, followed by eggplant, salads and “manti” which are filled pasta. Melons and fresh fruit are popular desserts, with sweets served with Turkish coffee.

Best Time to visit Turkey
Turkey’s climate is mild in its coastal regions because of the sea. Central areas are shielded from the sea by mountains ranges. The best times to visit Turkey are April and October. In April the days are long with usually rainy. October is the second best time to visit because of the mild weather.  Turkey’s winters are cold and long with heavy amounts of snow and summers are hot and short.

Etiquette for Visiting Turkish Mosque
When visiting a Turkish mosque it’s important to remove shoes before going inside. Men should not wear shorts and women should cover their hair and not expose anything below the ankles. Never walk in front of someone praying. Do not take photos during worship.

Turkish Currency   
The Currency of Turkey is ‘Turkish lira’. It is also known as Yeni Turk Lirasi. The New Turkish Lira is divided into 100 new kurus. The exchange rate for the New Turkish Lira was last updated on November 10, 2010 from Yahoo Finance.

Hotels in Turkey
There are several good hotels in Istanbul, located in the city center, on the Bosphorus, or near the airport. Some of the five star and deluxe hotels are international chains and some are local chains, all offering the best service during your stay in this magnificent city. You can also choose four star superior hotels during your stay for a better budget. Besides five star hotels, there are many special category hotels too. These are usually restored old buildings and decorated in the traditional Ottoman way. They have a limited number of guest rooms and are very stylish. Some of them are along the Bosphorus and some located in the old city center.

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