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National Park

The National Park of American Samoa is one of the most remote national parks in the United States. American Samoa National Park preserves tropical rain forests, coral reefs, and an endangered 3,000-year-old culture. National Park which is one of the major attractions - together with sun, sea and sand of course. Tutuila, the largest island of American Samoa, is crowned with two great volcanic peaks rising above steaming rain forests. A great natural harbor nearly cuts the island in two. At its head lies fabled Pago Pago, a South Seas island village that is American Samoa's capital and only port of call.

Ofu Beach

America is blessed with some of the loveliest beaches in the world. This beach is quiet and under populated and is spread just over two miles.The natural beauty and the relative emptiness of its beach make it one of the beautiful beaches in the world. The cool turquoise water is ideal for water sports activities like snorkeling and swimming.

American Samoa National Park features pristine beaches and two coral reefs.The beaches on the island of Ofu are spectacular. Offshore, a vibrant coral reef shelters large numbers of brightly colored tropical fish. Coral Reefs are built by tiny sea animals that secrete skeletons of calcium carbonate. When they die they leave their skeleton which forms a foundation for the next generation of animals. This foundation can be hundreds of feet thick and last for millions of years. The living part of a coral reef is very thin and fragile. Visitors to American Samoa National Park have an opportunity to see firsthand some of the best preserved coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean.

Aunu'u Island

Aunu'u Island a mile or so off the south east coast offers the unusual Red Lake and quicksand in an extinct crater that makes for an interesting hike. The island has one sleepy village and can be visited on a day trip by local boat. The island is perhaps best known for its red quicksand located at Pala Lake.

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