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Tourtiere is a meat pie made with ground pork, ground veal, and/or ground beef and spices. It is part of French-Canadian food culture across the country and throughout the year, but is especially popular at Christmas and New Year's. Ideally, it is home made, but it can also be bought premade in grocery stores across the country.

Thick pea soup, made from yellow or green split peas, is also an important French-Canadian contribution to food culture, and is a popular "comfort food" across the country.

Pickerel fish, smoked Winnipeg goldeye, whitefish, and of course wild salmon all have a special place in the hearts of many Canadians.

Perogies (potato dumplings) were introduced into Western Canada by Ukrainian immigrants, and they are now quite popular; there's even a giant perogy statue in Alberta.Today, frozen perogies are available in grocery stores with mashed potato fillings in flavours ranging from cheese and onion, to pizza! 

Sugar pie and butter tarts are kissin' cousins to the pecan pie of the American South. Sugar pie is a traditional Quebec dish, best made with maple sugar or maple syrup, and sometimes with a top crust. Butter tarts are similar, but smaller; some Canadians like raisins in their butter tarts, while others consider that a proper butter tart is raisin-free.

Saskatoons (aka saskatoon berries) are a small purplish-blue berry native to Western Canada; in some places, they are called serviceberries or juneberries. It is a popular filling for pies, and is also made into syrup and jam; it has a sort of almond-cherry flavour, despite its blueberry-like appearance. The city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is named after this fruit.

Nanaimo bar's origins are shrouded in mystery, but this small, sweet square is a very popular dessert. The traditional Nanaimo bar has three layers: a chocolate-flavoured crumb base; a butter-cream icing centre; and a thick layer of chocolate on top. In the last few years, different Nanaimo bar flavours have been created by changing the flavouring of the centre, base, or top to create Irish Cream Nainaimo bar, mint Nanaimo bar, etc. 

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