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Weather in Tibet

The climate in Tibet belongs to the typical downy special climate. Climates are quite different in different places and temperatures vary within a single day. Climate in southeastern Tibet (e.g. Nyingchi) is gentle and pleasent, and annual temperate average 8 degree centigrade(46.4 F); In western Tibet (e.g. Nagqu), the average temperature is below zero degree (below 32 F) .While in Lhasa and the central part of Tibet, the climate is normal and more suitable for traveling. Most annual rainfall comes in the rainy season that starts from May to September, when the precipitation covers 90 percent of the whole year. Usually it rains at night in Lhasa, Shigatse and Chamdo area.

Temperature in major regions in tibet

The Tibetan climate is not as so harsh as many people imagine it to be. Tibet's climate is very nice and pleasant from April to the beginning of November, and most ideal in August and September. However, Lhasa's climate is more favorable than the rest of Tibet, and is suitable to travel whole the year.

In Tibet sun is extremely strong. Lhasa is called the Sunlight City. Because of the thinness of the air, heat and sunlight are not retained, and the temperature can vary very quickly between extremes. However, it is still very possible to visit Tibet, with May, June and September being the primary tourist season in eastern Tibet.

Most annual rainfall in Tibet comes in the rainy season from June to September. During this time it will usually rain at night in Lhasa, Shigatse and Chamdo areas. The rainfall may block roads and make travel difficult, but it is also one of the more beautiful seasons for sightseeing.

Region-specific information: Lhasa - Shigatse - Lhatse - Tingri - Nyalan: The Friendship highway is in good condition year around. But from December to February, the thawed road could make some trouble. Try to avoid during August - landslides are frequent during the rainy season.

Mt. Everest Area: Early May and early October are the best times to visit Mt. Everest.Due to clear weather, this period provides the best views of Mt. Everest. This area is best avoided in the period from December to February because of the extreme cold.

Ali (Mt.Kailash): Even at the best of times this area is inhospitable. Heavy rain and snow only make things worse. However, the best times to visit are May, June, July, September and October.

Eastern Tibet: This area is to be avoided in July and August (the rainy season), and there is potential for heavy landslides.  Also in winter, the roads will be frozen.

Northern Tibet: With an altitude of 4,500m, this area offers only a very limited period of time for tourism. Summer (July to August) is the peak season to enjoy the  northern Tibet.

Temperature(C) in major regions in Tibet

Month      Lhasa               Shigatse     Tsedang     
           highest lowest     highest lowest     highest lowest
Jan.     6.8     -10.2        5.7     -13.1        7.6     -9.0
Feb.    9.2     -3.9         8.0      -9.5          9.9     -5.9
Mar.   12.0     -3.2       11.0     -5.4        12.9     -2.4
Apr.   15.7     0.9         15.5     -0.7        16.9     1.3
May.   9.7      5.1          19.5     3.4         20.4     5.2
Jun.     2.5      9.2          22.1     7.6         22.9     8.9
Jul.      21.7     9.9        21.0     8.7         22.5     10.1
Aug.    20.7     9.4       19.6      8.1         21.5     9.5
Sept.    19.6     7.6       18.7      5.8         20.5     7.6
Oct.    16.4     1.4        15.2    -1.2        17.1     1.8
Nov.   11.6     -5.0      10.7     -8.0       12.4     -4.1
Dec.    7.7     -9.1        7.0     -12.3       8.7      -7.9

Temperature(C) in Nyingchi and Mount Everest.

Month Nyingchi           Mount. Everest
           highest lowest     highest lowest
Jan       7.9     -5.3           4     -17
Feb.    9.8     -2.7          -4     -15
Mar    13.0     -0.1          7     -12
Apr.   16.5     3.2           10     -5
May   18.8     6.8           15      0
Jun     20.9     10.0         17      5
Jul.     22.1     11.2         16      8
Aug.   22.1     10.7         16      6
Sept.   20.3     9.2           17      2
Oct    17.2     4.9           12      -7
Nov.  12.9     -0.7           7    -12
Dec     9.6     -4.5           4     -15
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