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Hotels in Tibet

Lhasa Hotels

Lhasa Hotel is located in the center of this Holy-Land which is3600m above the sea-level. Itis only ten minutes driving from the landmark-the magnificent Potala Palace. Just next door to the hotel is Norbulingka-the Summer Palace for Dalai Lama.The airport is 90km away from the city. Lhasa Hotel has 468 comfortable rooms and suites, all with private bathrooms, color TV, in-house movies.

Tibet Hotel Lhasa

Tibet Hotel is a luxurious 4-star hotel with traditional Tibetan style, under the administration of Tibet Tourism Bureau. The hotel is constructed in all granite in shape of Potala Palace. It IS Located near Potala Palace and Norbulingka (the summer place for Dalai Lama) with comfortable environment and convenient transportation.Tibet Hotel has 258 rooms and suites including 2 deluxe president suites, 8 deluxe suites, 5 deluxe business suites, 220 standard rooms, 20 single rooms and 3 special rooms for the disabled. All these rooms are equipped with private bathroom, central air conditioner,in-room safe, TV, refrigerator, etc..

Minzhu Garden Hotel (Grand Hotel Tibet)

Located in the golden area of Lhasa, Grand Hotel Tibet (Lhasa) is a modernized hotel with business function. With Potala place and Jokhang Monastery on the east, and Norbulingka on the west, the hotel is a choice for both tourists and businessmen. Grand Hotel Tibet has 5 buildings. All rooms are well-equipped with private bathroom,central air conditioner, IDD&DDD, with hot water available round-the clock.

Shangbala Hotel

Shangbala has the same meaning as Shangrila in Tibetan language. The foreign catering hotel Shangbala is located in downtown Lhasa,near Barkhore Bazaar, with the resplendent Jokhang Temple on the east and the world-renowned Potala Palace on the west. Hence,your ideal place to stay for excursion and sightseeing, also witheasy access to all greatattractions.

Yak Hotel

Yak Hotel is located in the Old Town of Lhass, which is 5 minutes walking from Jokhang Temple, Ramoche Temple and Barkhore Area. It has 62 rooms and 185 beds, with hot water available 24-hour every day.

Shigatse Shandong Mansion

Shigatse Shandong Mansion is a bright gem of the snowcapped plateau. It's listed in the Genis World Records as the highest mansion in the city of highest elevation. It symbolizes the friendship between Han and Tibetan. It composed of 10 floors, including 111 standard rooms. They are equipped with private bfithroom, center air conditioner, satellite TV, automatic smoke detector and so on.

Wutse Hotel

Wutse Hotel is a foreign tourist hotel invested by Wuzi Trade Co. ltd, Tibet. It is situated in Sichuan South Road of Shigatse City in Tibet. The main building is a three-floor one designed and decorated according to international three-star level. It has 80 deluxe rooms, 2 deluxe suites, 12 deluxe single-bed rooms and three-bed rooms,and 200 beds in total. In restaurants, there are Chinese and Western food, Including Tibetan food and 200 seats in total. There are multifunctional conference hall and business center. The whole construction is characterized by Tibetan and modern style.

Gyangtse Hotel

Built in 1988, Gyangtse Hotel is located in the ancient Gyangtse city, with unique Tibetan traditional style and quality service. Gyangtse Hotel has 120 rooms of standard, deluxe and single,in both westem and Tibetan style: Sometimes it gives local dance and singing performance. The shopping center there is full of traditional arts and crafts.

Nyching Fujian Hotel

Which is invested Nyching Government and Fujian Government.It is located in the new zone of Nyching. It is 108 Rooms of variety including suites, standard rooms and economic rooms. All rooms are equipped with private bathrooms,central air conditioner, IDD&DDD, TV etc.

Tibet Dingri Zhufeng Hotel

Tibet Dingri Zhufeng Hotel is 100 km from Quomolangma Peak, and 120 km from Gemagou Valley-reputed as the most beautiful valley on earth. The hotel has 180 beds, divided into standard room, Tibetan standard room, top-grade economic room and ordinary economic room. Moreover, the hotel also provide with necessities of traffic, communication and medical treatment for emergency caused by high altitude sickness and anoxia.

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