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Internet Communication Services Mauritius offers a well structured forum where you can freely post your queries and provide your views on different issues available on the boards.

Upon registration, you can post questions, reply to other posts and even receive notification through your email whenever a member replies to your post. Other features include sending private message and email to any member, if the members have enabled this feature in their profile. There is also an integrated search engine and even poll facilities where any member can submit their vote to a specific post.

Mauritius has a fairly advanced broad-based information policy compared to other African countries. Modeled around the Singapore ICT policy, the Mauritius strategy involved creating instruments for the implementation of ICT policy (Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunications, the National Computer Board), liberalizing the telecommunication sector, creating IT literate workforce, improving the capacity of public institutions to harness ICTs and positioning Mauritius to be a key player in ICTs by creating enabling environment and robust infrastructure.

The Government of Mauritius has been active in the promotion of information and communication technology in every socio-economic sphere and steering the country towards the information age.
The computerisation of various governmental agencies dates back to 1989 with the setting up of the following four major players: National Computer Board (NCB), Central Informatics Bureau (CIB), State Informatics Limited (SIL) and State Informatics Training Centre Limited (SITRAC). Government’s investment on computerisation in the Civil Service until 1999 has been around Rs 410 million and this amount covers hardware, software and training. There are quite a number of major IT projects presently under implementation.

NCB is the programme manager for the National IT Strategy Plan (NITSP) developed as part of the Government's strategic objectives to accelerate Mauritius’ transformation into a nation where IT would be fully exploited. The NITSP project was proposed to be carried out in three phases. Phase I is the current state assessment and mobilisation of resources. Phase II will focus on working out an actionable plan for the next 3 to 5 years. Phase III will focus on implementation of the plan.

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