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When reality subsides, the dream begins, of an island, between sky and sea, of a tropical garden arising from the blue, emerald green waters of the lagoon. Discovering Mauritius and its people is like taking a journey into some of the most fascinating and refined ancestral traditions ever. The legacies of those who, for the past 400 years, have settled on its shores, where Europe meets India, China and Africa in a frenzy of colours, scents and savours. The traditionnal festivals and religious ceremonies in Mauritius have passed untouched the test of time and are still celebrated with much fervour and devotion, bearing testimony of the inhabitants' ties to their origins. On the other hand through the years the mixture of people has brought about quite a unique mauritian culture, derived from the riches of such diverse customs and traditions. Strolling through the streets, it is not unusual to find yourself in a little China after alleys filled with the scent of saffron, of cinnamon, reminiscent of India. Alongside, churches with a medieval architecture are remembrances of the European heritage of the island. Hence shopping can become a very interesting or enticing experience, with the variety of products, their diverse origins and the quality of the craftsmanship.
There are also numerous activities that will complement what can become memorable holidays. The warm crystal clear waters of the lagoons and white sandy beaches are ideal for any water sport activities. Sailing, diving, snorkelling, ski, etc. can be practiced in the best conditions all year round. Blue and Black Marlins, sail fish and tunas thrive in the tropical water around the island. With record catches the island boast one of the best reputations around the world for deep-sea fishing. Last but not least, nightlife is catered for by a number of restaurants, bars, cinemas and nightclubs. Gamblers might prefer the subtle and thrilling atmosphere of a number of casinos found in towns and beach resorts.
Mauritius countryside hides some hidden beauties, which are sometimes forgotten. Luxuriant tropical vegetation, water falls with mountain landscape as backdrop, cane fields and villages entice the exploration of some subtle and charming beauties. This is only to say bon (happy) voyaz (voyage) as would be said in mauritian lingo. To this island, where everything's spells magic: of its beautiful nature, of its people hospitality, rich and colourful culture, to confer a lifetime experience, a taste of paradise.

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