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Transport in India

Transport in the Republic of India is an important part of the nation's economy. Passenger travel demand in India increases everyday. Although there is a large private-sector involvement in transportation in India, the government plays a large regulatory and developmental role. The country has one of the world's largest railway and roadway network transporting millions of people every year. India has cars, trains, buses, trucks and also many more ancient ways of transportation.

Rail Transport

Rail transport is a commonly used mode of long-distance transportation in India. The trains generally connect all the major cities and towns in the country. The railroad system is divided into nine zones: central, eastern, northern, northeastern, northeast frontier, southern, south-central, southeastern, and western. The railways play a leading role in carrying passengers and cargo across India's vast territory

Metro Train

The rail network is ever-expanding with construction taking place year-round to ease city traffic congestion. Though metro is not available all through India, most cities like Delhi have a pretty good system of metro rail.

Road Transport

Road transport in India has a large and extensive transportation system. Roads are most preferred modes of transportation and considered as one of the cost effective modes of transportation. Roads are easily accessible to each individual.

Car on hire

There are several organizations offering cars on hire. This business to a great extent has solved the problem of the tourists regarding their mobility.

Bicycle Rickshaws and Auto rickshaws

There are many cheap and affordable means of transportation in India that are available almost everywhere and anytime. Bicycle rickshaws and Auto rickshaws are affordable and popular mode of transportation in India. Rickshaws are the equivalent of taxicabs in the western world and in demand from tourists.


Buses are never in short supply in India. Buses are a popular mode of transport. Buses for public transport are provided by Govt. and also by some private owners. Buses are the easiest way to travel in India.


Air transport being the most modern and the quickest mode of transport has been gaining popularity in India.

Indian Airlines is the major domestic air carrier of the country. Domestic air services are looked after by Indian airlines and private airlines while the international airport service is looked after by Air India. Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi are the four major international airports of India.

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