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India or Bharath is the Destination of the Millennium, a Land of All Seasons  where beauty beckons, culture echoes, diversity delights and tradition talks. India is a mystical land that presents the travelers with a bamboozling array of unforgettable experiences.India has the right tourism potential and attractions to captivate all types of tourists whether it is adventurous tour, cultural exploration, pilgrnew-images, visit to the beautiful beaches or to the scenic mountain resorts.  For lovers of the mountains, the towering Himalayas in the north, and the verdant hills of the Western and Eastern Ghats in south India, offer beautiful locales for mountaineering and trekking. For beach and water sports enthusiasts, India's long coastline offers many idyllic palm-fringed beaches. Those who reach India are greeted with a gracious Namasthe, Namaskaaram, Vanakkam or SatSriAkal denoting warmth, hospitality and respect - a tradition in tune with the country’s age-old motto “Athidhi Devo Bhava” where the guest is treated as God.

Delhi, the capital of India. Delhi is the main gateway city for northern India with a modern airport. All major international air carriers operate direct services to Delhi airport from various centres in the world.



Beaches in India provide the most tempting combination of sun, sand, sea and surf that is too hard to resist for any beach lover and water sport adventurer. When it comes to beach holidays in India the choice is unending. Still the foremost choices of beach travel in India include the beautiful sea shores of Goa, where the tropical sun bathed beaches of Anjuna, Baga & Dona Paula have something for every visitor. Other beaches such as Kovalam, Marina and Juhu, not just focus on tourism they are also venues for recreation and entertainment for the local population and the outstation tourists.

Thousands of sun-deprived tourists visit India because it incredibly has the most diverse varieties of beaches anywhere in the world. The West Coast with the Arabian Sea and the East Coast with the Bay of Bengal offer many a verdant vistas to the traveller. The coasts of India have their own seafood cuisine, relaxing spas, diving and water sports and great places to stay for a balmy holiday. The beach holiday to beat them all is in the Isles of Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshwadeep, where you can see the myriad colours of the flashy fish in the coral reefs from above the green waters. Goa offers the best holiday villages on its beaches. Goa is one of India's special tourism places, a State seemingly blessed with fabulous weather, even more fabulous beaches. Goa is a perfect tourism heaven for the ones who need and want relaxation. Goan beaches have never failed to charm its tourists. The swaying palms and the cool waves splashing on your face is a unique experience that Goa promises you with its finest beaches.


Ballooning is a great way to see a city; New Delhi's Safdarjung Airport provides some opportunities to float past the old monuments. Hot air ballooning is a relatively new adventure activity in India. The desert state of Rajasthan is the most popular place for hot air ballooning in India

Rock climbing

Bangalore is the centre for rock climbing destinations like Ramangaram, Savandurga. Thuralli, Kabbal, Raogodhu, and Kambakkam provide good climbing in many grades while Hampi in Karnataka has some of the best granite rocks in India, providing climbers ample opportunity to test their skills.

Camel Trekking

Camel Trekking is a best thing to enjoy in Rajasthan. It is the best way to experience the desert and camel safaris can be arranged from a few hours to a few days. The best time to go for trekking is between October and February.

Indian Food

Indian food is as diverse as its culture, its racial structure, its geography and its climate. Indian food is different from rest of the world not only in taste but also in cooking methods. The skill lies in the subtle blending of a variety of spices to enhance rather than overwhelm the basic flavor of a particular dish. These spices are also used as appetizers and digestives. The essence of good Indian cooking revolves around the appropriate use of aromatic Indian spices. Most Indian cuisine are related by the similar usage of spices and the use of a greater variety of vegetables than many other cuisine.

Foods of India are better known for its spiciness. Throughout India, be it North India or South India, spices are used generously in food. But one must not forget that every single spice used in Indian dishes carries some or the other nutritional as well as medicinal properties.


India is very popular in foreign countries for shopping. In India shopping can be done from malls, Delhi Hatts, bazaars, shopping complexes etc. For shopping of clothes, handbags, shoes, jewelry, household linen, crockery, books, furnishing material, music, gift items many are available in India. Some hotels also provide shopping centers for tourists. Ashoka Hotel is most famous for shopping. Delhi, Goa, Calcutta, Chennai, Mumbai and Jaipur are popular states for shopping.

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