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India Visa and Passport
Passport is a travel evidence signed by the national government, which normally signifies the holder as a national of the issuing state and desires that the holder be allowed to enter and exit through other countries. Thus India government also made it mandatory; all the travelers to India barring the national of Nepal and Bhutan should present the valid passport for identification and authenticity. India Tourist Visa, India Tourism Visa.

Passport valid for a minimum of six months beyond the date of intended departure from India should accompany visa applications.

The foreign tourist excluding the nationals of Nepal and Bhutan should present a liable visa card at the time of their visit to India. A visa is either a vivid stamp or preset text affixed to a page in the passport by the Indian Consular office abroad or Indian Embassy. There also remains certain rules and regulation in case of issuing of Visa. India tourist visa, India tourism visa. The nationals of Maldives are allowed to come in India without Visa up to three months. General tourist visas are valid for three to six months. These are not subject of issue on your arrival. A visa costs US$ 40, which remains valid for up to six months, US $ 65 becomes operational for up to one year and US $ 180 remains valid for more than one year to five years.

General Visa Information
The duration of stay in India, for each visit on a tourist visa or business visa is only for a period of 6 months even though a valid visa may be for more than 6 months.

Visa is given for a period for which passport is valid. For example, if a passport is valid until April 30,2003 and an applicant is applying for 5 years visa on December 31,1999, the applicant will not be issued a 5 years visa as the passport expires before the 5 year visa.

*Validity of all visas is counted from the date of their issue.
*Tourist visa up to 5 years may be granted if the foreigner is connected with the tourism trade.
*If visa is for more than 180 days, registration is compulsory within 14 days of first arrival in India.

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