14 May 2021
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Air India flight delayed as crew reports sick
14 September 2010
The Delhi - Hyderabad flight (IC 940), which was supposed to depart at 6.40 a.m but took off at 9.30 a.m and reached Hyderabad at 11.45 a.m.

The passengers of 
Bird hit kept Air Arabia flight grounded at goa airport for 11 hours
13 September 2010
Sunday turned out to be an eventful day at the Dabolim airport where two bird hits were reported in which one of the aircraft had to be grounded after its propeller was broken as a result of bird hit.  read more...
Baby found in Gulf Air plane bin in Philippines
12 September 2010
On Sunday a newly born baby boy was found was found dumped in a bin of toilet of a passenger jet that landed at the main international airport of Philippines.

Dubai airport welcomes 50 millionth passenger
08 September 2010
Dubai airport welcomes 50 millionth passenger in the time span of 2 years. The luckiest fellow Mr. Parvez Khan, who is working as an assistant manager with a hot  read more...
Thai Airways flight got a bomb threat at Los Angeles
08 September 2010
Thai Airways flight from Bangkok to Los Angeles landed safely on Tuesday evening (i.e. 7 September 2010) at Los Angeles  International Airport after a bomb threat. The bomb threat was written in   read more...
Airport power failure hits operations at Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3
07 September 2010
In a dramatic way the recently opened popular Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport stand still with problems once again on Monday.  All these problems poured on Terminal 3 due to  read more...
Kolkata Bound Flights will be affected today
07 September 2010
Trade unions have called for a 24-hour bandh on Tuesday to protest against price rise, streamlining of the rationing system and proper implementation of labour laws.

This Year Air India made 23 emergency landings all at IGI airport
06 September 2010
Carrier blames defective Airbus fleet from 1989. Till this June, the country's national carrier Air India reported 23 emergency landings in the domestic sector, all of them at the Indira Gandhi Intern  read more...
Miami International Airport Shut Down
05 September 2010
On Friday Miami International Airport was shut down for several hours after screeners at airport spotted a metal canister inside the luggage "that greatly resemble a pipe bomb", of a scientist that ev  read more...
Bomb in Indigo Airline Hoax Call
03 September 2010
Just to delay the flight's departure, passenger telephoned the call centre of the Indigo airline and announced there was a bomb in the aircraft.

The 6E 309 fl 
95 snakes found in burst bag at Kuala Lumpur airport
03 September 2010
A Malaysian man pleaded guilty to wildlife smuggling after his bag bursting with 95 live boa constrictors broke open on a luggage conveyer belt at KualaLumpur Interna  read more...
Air India aircraft at Dubai Airport Threatened
03 September 2010
Air India faced a major embarrassment in June when Air Traffic Control (ATC) at Abu Dhabi threatened to refuse its aircraft permission to take off from Dubai airport, because it had not updated a cruc  read more...
Hire Auto Rickshaw from Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport
31 August 2010
Passengers travelling by budget carriers now might have an option of hiring an auto rickshaw from the Delhi airport. At present, auto rickshaws are not allowed to pick up passengers from the Indira Ga  read more...
Jet Airways flight 2302 catches fire
28 August 2010
A Chennai bound Jet Airways flight 2302 carrying 153 passengers which was scheduled to take off at 8.20 pm, was delayed by 35 minutes catches fire in Mumbai on Friday night.

Srinagar International Airport will be closed
26 August 2010
Srinagar International Airport will be closed for repair for 12 days, this is second time in 12 years. There will be no flights from the Srinagar. Airport is being closed for re-surfacing of the runwa  read more...
Air India Domestic Check in counters close 40 minutes before departure
26 August 2010
National Carrier Air India has decided to close its check-in counters 40 minutes before the scheduled departure of domestic flights from Thursday.

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Lucknow Airport Tragedy averted
23 August 2010
It was a loud thud that made the AI pilot stop the plane even after he had the permission to fly. The Pilot of the Lucknow - Delhi flight IC 412 aborted take-off as he headed the craft towards the run  read more...
Mumbai Airport will be closed for Six months
20 August 2010
Mumbai airport to be closed for repairs for six months from the year-end, beacuse of this airline fares double it rise by upto 50% in the peak of travel season, beginning September.

Mangalore Air India Express air crash conversation
20 August 2010
The Air India Express air crash in Mangalore conversation between the pilots and Air traffic Controller has shown that co-pilot Ahluwalia more than once urged Captain Zlatko Glusica not to land and in  read more...
Flights disrupted due to heavy rainfall at Indira Gandhi International Airport
20 August 2010
Flights disrupted due to heavy rainfall at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, runway closed for more than 30 minutes because of poor visibility and wet surface.  read more...
Colombian Airline Aircraft Boeing 737 crash
17 August 2010
A Colombia Airline Aircraft Boeing 737 crash, split in three due to lighting strom but only one passenger is dead. Passengers were scatter, this is lucky escape for all except one a 73 year old woman   read more...
Indra Gandhi International Airport was closed on 11th and 12th August 2010
12 August 2010
On Wednesday (11th August 2010) air space was closed for two hours approximately at IGI airport. A number of flights got reschedule by two hours delay in their flying schedule.

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Jet flight makes emergency landing
28 July 2010
Major air tragedy averted when a bird hit a Jet Airways flight just after it took off from the Amaushi airport in Lucknow today i.e. Thursday morning.

The Jet Airways flight S-2138 was coming t 
Bad nosed Jet Airways plane stuck at Ahmedabad passengers safe
23 July 2010
 Jet Airways flight had a miraculous escape at Ahmedabad airport on Thursday when plane suffered a nose wheel breakdown during landing.

Fifty-seven passe 
Strike Cripples French Flights
22 July 2010
Flights in and out of paris and across France were severly disrupted on Wednesday when air traffic controllers staged a one day strike in protest at plans to unify west European airspace under a singl  read more...
E Ticketing fraud lands Delhi agent in soup
20 July 2010
The Indira Gandhi International Airport police claimed to have ascentained trafficking racket with bases in Kathmandu, Kabul and Delhi. There have been  Four persons arrested including two Nepale  read more...
Trafficking racket busted at Indra Gandhi International Airport 4 held
17 July 2010
The Indira Gandhi International Airport police claimed to have ascentained trafficking racket with bases in Kathmandu, Kabul and Delhi. There have been  Four persons arrested including two Nepale  read more...
27 detained at IGI with fake Dubai visas
07 July 2010
Twenty Seven passangers were today arrested after they were caught at the Indra Gandhi International airport while trying to board two Dubai-bound flights following a tip off from a rival visa agency   read more...
New Yorks JFK Airport Evacuated after Bomb by Hoax Caller
04 July 2010
Terminal 1 at New York City's John F Kennedy airport was evacuated due to a bomb scare that turned out to be a false alarm.

One of the airport authority spoke 
Passengers on US flights will go to exclusive boarding gates at Indra Gandhi International Airport New Delhi India
03 July 2010
The American should be quite pleased with IGI Airport’s new terminal T3. It will be India’s first terminal to have enclosed boarding gates for non-stop US-bound flights with facility to screen bot  read more...
First flight from New Terminal T3 at Indra Gandhi International Airport on July 14
03 July 2010
On 14 July, it will be passengers of the Air India flight, IC 859, from Delhi to Dubai, who will be the first to use the new terminal T3. The flight will be allowed to check in from 2:50pm. The first   read more...
VIP movement may hit Indra Gandhi International Airport flights Delhi India
03 July 2010
Delays likely On Saturday Morning As President, Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi will use Airport   
In what could be a triple whammy for passengers flying in and out of the IGI Airp  read more...
Air India Plane Crash 160 Dead Black Box Found
25 May 2010
An Air India Express Flight IX-892 from Dubai to Mangalore in India overshot the airport runway and burst into flames.

The Boeing 737-800 airplane was carryin 
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