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Independence Day Dominica Panama
03-03 November
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On November 3rd, 1978 Dominica gained its independence from Great Britain and became an independent republic within the Commonwealth.

As well as celebrating Independence, this holiday is also used to celebrate our unique Creole culture, with colourful events such as Heritage Day, Creole Day and the Market Day With A Difference. On November 3 is celebrated the Independence of Panama from Colombia in 1903, also known as Colon Day, that jumpstarts Panama’s Patriotic Month. Panama celebrates the Independence from Colombia with big parades in Panama City, there are traditional folklore dancing in the streets, where both children and adults dress in traditional costumes, wearing a pollera and a montuno, and dance El Tamborito or El Atravesao, traditional dances. The tradition is mainly kept by schools who prepare themselves to parade on the streets all year long. Parents spend a lot of money instruments and uniforms for those in a marching band.

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