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Kings Birthday Bhutan
11-11 November
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The Kingdom of Bhutan is somewhat unique in that its people function on the premise of Gross National Happiness (GNH).

GNH encourages material and spiritual development to complement and reinforce each other. Bhutan’s national holidays are no exception to the principles of GNH, and this certainly includes the birthdays of the Kings of Bhutan past and present. While three days of celebration are dedicated to the reigning king, one day is given to former kings. Events are usually very lively with many of the local schools organizing huge festivals and parades on and near school grounds. As the government mandates that citizens wear traditional clothing every day, clothing styles don’t differ much during the festivities. And since the country is predominately Buddhist, many of the ceremonies are dominated by Buddhist themes and activities. During the festivities, look for the traditional emadatse a stew made from chili pepper and cheese, chang a local beer, or arra a distilled spirit.

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