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Independence Days Oman
30-30 November
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As a mark of remembrance for the time Oman gained independence from Portugal in the 17th century, a National Day is celebrated on 18th November each year. Oman's National Day, which is also the birthday of Sultan Qaboos, is one of the most popular festivals in Oman. The double celebration has everything from food and street fairs to camel line dancing and fireworks on the agenda. The occasion is commemorated all over Oman with as much pomp and grandeur as possible. Every square inch of Muscat, and other parts of the country, is covered in lights making all the buildings glitter at night. The night sky is full of firecrackers that keep exploding well into the wee hours of the morning and every street is lined with thousands of pictures and cut-outs of the Sultan and the royal flag of Oman. Omanis, dressed in their national dress of long cotton dish-dashes and elaborately embroidered round caps, spend National Day watching military bands, children and adults dancing in bright traditional costumes, folk singing and camel races.

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