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Republic Day Burundi Chad
28-28 November
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Every year on November 28, Chad celebrates Proclamation of the Republic Day.

Chad was part of the many colonies of France in Africa until 1960, the year they gained independence from France and were constituted as a Republic. But Chad has been left torn by civil wars and rebellions, often with clandestine support from the French power. Chad has been affected by a humanitarian crisis since 2001. According to the United Nations, there are hundreds of thousands of refugees in the country from Darfur and Central Africa Republic along with 170,000 internally displaced Chadians. Even so, holidays in Chad are celebrated with fun and joy. Republic Day is celebrated in a traditional way, and people from the different religions—from Christians to Muslims—are united in the celebration of Chad’s proclamation as a free Republic. The day may be celebrated by local communities with political assemblies and sports like football.

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