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Chung Yuan Festival Taiwan
28-28 August
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In Taiwan, the ceremony held in Keelung is one of the most spectacular Chung Yuan festivals known.

The festival begins with the opening of the gates of Hades on the 1st day of the seventh lunar month.In the evening of the day, every family in Keelung lights a lamp to light the way for ghosts. People light the lamps at Chuputan on the 12th day. A parade of bucket lamps through the streets is held and greeted by attendants on the 13th day.The parade is held on the evening of the 14th day for releasing the water lanterns that were contributed by each clan. This is the pinnacle of all the activities for the entire month. Then at 11:00 in the night, the water lanterns are launched at the seashore of Wanghai Lane in Patoutzu harbor. If one clan’s lantern floats the fastest, that clan is believed to prosper most in the year to come.

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