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Altagracia Day Dominican Republic
21-21 January
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Dia de la Altagracia, or Altagracia Day, is a feast day and annual holiday in the Dominican Republic that is being celebrated every January 21st.

It was originally held every August 15th, but was later changed to January 21st to commemorate the country’s victory over the French in 1690. Being regarded as the first country in the New World to be evangelized by the Catholic Church, the Dominicans see the image of the Lady of Altagracia as their spiritual mother, and as the one who watches over their land. People of all ages and economic strata head to the Our Lady of La Altagracia Basilica, located in the province which takes her name, to take offerings or fulfill promises made to the Virgin. They pay homage to the Lady by celebrating its feast day with a lot of vigils, church going, singing, dancing and candle lighting in many of the towns across the country.

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