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Feast of St Pauls Shipwreck Malta
10-10 February
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Every year on February 10, Malta celebrates the Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck.

Many believed that during St. Paul’s return to Jerusalem (around AD60), his ship wrecked on the island. This has no scientific accounts but the Acts of the Apostles of the New Testament details the evidence of the shipwreck there. Stuck in the Island, St. Paul began preaching the Good News. St. Paul is Malta’s Patron Saint. Malta celebrates the Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck with public entertainment and church services. A yearly procession is held where people take part in a parade holding St. Paul’s statue with accompanying fireworks and bands. The faithful chant and shout in honor of the saint while the faithful does the traditional promenade for the statue of St. Paul in public (especially in the streets of Valleta) with the La Valette Band. Since this is a national holiday government establishments and major private companies. Catholic and non-Catholic tourists will surely enjoy the fun that this festivity brings. So if you’re headed to Malta, this is one public celebration in the country that you should experience.

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