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National Foundation Day Japan
11-11 February
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Every year during the 11th of February, Japan observes the anniversary of their National Foundation Day.

It is in this day that they honor Japan’s founder and first emperor Jimmu, a successor of the Sun Goddess. National Foundation Day in Japan was first recognized on February 11 in 1872 during the Meiji Period. It was originally established to honor the Imperial family line and the founding of Japan. The celebration of the tradition remains strong and extravagant to date. Every year, the people of Japan celebrate their National Foundation Day with the traditional flag festival and parades. This is observed all over Japan and is considered as one of the four main holidays of the country. One of the highlights of the event is the float parade in the compound of Meiji shrine where people carry a miniature temple with their national flag, all decorated with ornaments as they carry it on their shoulders.

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