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Shaheed Day Bangladesh
21-21 February
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Martyrs’ Day, also known as Shaheed Dibash, Language Martyrs’ Day, Language Movement Day or National Mourning Day, commemorates the lives of those who were sacrificed in the effort to make Bengali (or Bangla) one of the national languages when Bangladesh (as East Pakistan) was part of the greater Pakistan.

It is a national holiday in Bangladesh, celebrated annually on 21st February, as well as by the Bengali communities around the world. On 21st February 1952 a procession by Bengalis in Dhaka was shot at by police, resulting in the death of at least four people. At the time, the larger West Pakistan regime was trying to force Urdu as the national language. To commemorate the deaths, Shaheed Minar, a solemn and symbolic sculpture, was erected at the site of the massacre. 21 February is observed throughout the country to pay respect and homage to the sacred souls of the martyrs' of Language Movement of 1952. Blood was shed on this day at the Central Shahid Minar (near Dhaka Medical College Hospital) area to establish Bangla as a state language of the then Pakistan. All subsequent movements including struggle for independence owe their origin to the historic language movement. The Shahid Minar (martyrs monument) is the symbol of sacrifice for Bangla, the mother tongue. The day is closed holiday. Mourning procedure begin in Dhaka at midnight with the song Amar vaier raktay rangano ekushay February (21st February, the day stained with my brothers' blood). Nationals pay homage to the martyrs by placing flora wreaths at the Shahid Minar. Very recently the day has been declared World Mother Language Day by UNESCO.

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