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Independence Day Saint Lucia
22-22 February
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St Lucia achieved full independence from the United Kingdom on 22 February 1979 and the day is marked with celebratory events across the island and particularly in the capital, Castries.

The day also coincides with the build up to the island's biggest celebration of the year, Carnival, which occurs later in the month and Independence Day events usually include calypso, live music and fun and games. Independence Day is a national holiday throughout St Lucia. On February 23, 2010, Brunei will celebrate its twenty-sixth National Day. Like most years, the celebrations are colorful and raucous. Unlike last year, however, the government of Brunei has decreed that there will be no traditional field performances. “We will only have parades by the private and government sectors, associations, organizations, colleges and other higher educational institutions,” said a representative of the Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports. New logos are created for the National Day festivities, and the logo for 2010 is multi-faceted. In addition to the new logo, the giant version of the Brunei national flag, hoisted on February 7, will be honored. Miniature flags are to be distributed as well.

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