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National Day Kuwait
25-25 February
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Kuwait celebrates its yearly National Day celebration every 25th of February.

The National Day is the most celebrated holiday in this Arab country. The history behind Kuwait’s National Day is intertwined with its friendship with the British when it became its protectorate in 1897. The British protected the country against the invasion by the Turks in the same year. 1961 is a year when the British totally gave Kuwait the freedom it deserves. The independence of Kuwait from British rule was eyed upon by the Iraq government during that time. However, the invasion was resisted both by the country and the British. The combined movement by both countries made way for the declaration of independence. National Day in Haiti is a time for Kuwaitis to spend time with one another. Often, Kuwaiti family visits their friends and other family members out of town or go to the beach or roam around the street and the local malls. Get-togethers and family reunions are also organized. The great number of people is seen in beaches such as the Messila Beach, the Green Island, and in parks (Al-Sha’ab Leisure Park).

Buildings and small business establishments both public and private are decorated with colourful lights. Hotels are famous for putting up lights with color patterns much like that of the nation’s flag. And by sunset, the whole city colors itself with spectacular display of light and fireworks that impresses both locals and tourists. Kuwaiti wears national costume as part of the holiday tradition and to showcase nationalism among the locals. The children and the young-at-heart also spray playful colored foams to one another in the road adding up to the excitement brought about by state-sponsored celebrations and festivities.

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