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Independence Day Dominican Republic
27-27 February
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Dominican Republic (DR), one of the major island countries in the Carribean, observes its yearly celebration of Independence Day every 27th of February. Dominican Republic share borders with Haiti in the Hispaniola region in the Carribean. The country holds a number of establishments (cathedral, universities, castles, etc.) listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The country is known to have the most advanced technological communication in the Carribean islands and boast itself with its self-sustaining sugar production in the region and an economic infrastructur built upon the foundation of liberal economy. To date, The Dominican Republic holds second place in terms of size of economy in the Carribean. Dominican Republic is a famous tourist attraction in the Carribean. Golf courses, beautiful beaches and lakes, and hiking sites are the top tourist destinations. DR prides itself with its varied colourful culture and having a great number of talented baseball players. The celebration of Independence Day in Dominican Republic is considered a non-working holiday day to all salaried employees. Public officials including the president offer speeches in public. People either spend their time at home resting or go to public places to watch free concerts, watch parades or other cultural shows.

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