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Liberation Day Bulgaria
03-03 March
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Bulgaria celebrates a yearly celebration of its liberation from almost 500 years of Ottoman rule on the 3rd of March under the Treaty of San Stefano.

The Treaty of San Stefano ended the Russo-Turkish War in 1877 and paved the way for the liberation of Bulgaria and once again establishes itself as a nation and successfully put the country back on the world map. Bulgaria celebrates Liberation Day in much the same way as how other countries celebrate independence. Government-sponsored events and speeches are held during the holiday, along with public cultural shows, and street parades. The government also holds the usual ceremonial hoisting of the Bulgarian flag in monuments across the country specifically the Unknown Soldier Monument in Sofia. Wreaths of flowers are also offered at public monuments such as Liberty Monument at Shipka. Since this is considered as a national holiday, public companies are closed while private companies are given the option to operate or not.

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