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Independence Day Vietnam
02-02 September
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Today is a public holiday in Vietnam and there are Vietnamese flags hanging everywhere. Ho Chi Minh declared independence already on September 2nd 1945, 9 years before the French left and 30 years before South Vietnam fell.

There are numerous festivals held by Vietnam's ethnic minorities including the Khmer people's New Year. This is celebrated by visiting pagodas and by taking part in and watching dance and song performances and plays. Kite flying is also a feature of the festival. Hanoi's streets, especially its alleys, explode with a sudden bloom of red and yellow banners, and over sized posters of Hồ speaking into a microphone suddenly materialize on walls that a day earlier had been bare. In the evening, motorbikes clog the streets around Ho├án Kiếm Lake, outdoor stages showcase traditional music and dance, and it becomes impossible to find a seat in any of the ice cream shops.

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