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Womens Day Mozambique
07-07 April
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Aside from the International Women’s Day which is observed worldwide every March 8, Mozambique also has a National yearly celebration for their Women’s Day held each April 7th.

The yearly celebration of National Women’s Day of the Mozambicans was intended to honor one of the most significant women of Mozambique, Josina Machel. It is also a day for the people to pay tribute to the women and their contribution to the country through their campaign for human rights and fair treatment between the men and women. Every year on April 7, the Mozambicans gather in many different parts of the country to hold several programs and activities to pay tribute to their national heroine Josina Machel. The day indication as well for the people to celebrate and rejoice for their country’s achievements and accomplishments. Despite the many catastrophes and disasters that country went through in the past, the people still continue to stay positive and proud for their nationality and for their country.

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