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National Day of Fast and Prayer Liberia
09-09 April
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Liberia observes one day a year of solemn celebration through their National Day of Fast and Prayer which happens every second Friday of April. This day calls out to every Liberians to participate in a national prayer for the divine purification and healing of the nation.

During this day of fast and prayer, the people, regardless of religious preference and perspective gather all together as one unified nation and spend a solemn time in the churches and their places of worship. The country during this day, observes their traditional Sackcloth and Ashes ritual to fast, pray and meditate. This is usually observed during the evening which starts specifically at 8 o’clock and ends noon of the following day. Public offices and business establishments also remain closed the whole day and are encouraged to cease from their every day habits and routine to give time to the Lord and recognize the love and guidance of the Creator.

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