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Songkran Thailand
13-13 April
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Thai New Year is also called as Songkran. It is celebrated for three days from April 13 to April 15 every year on the Gregorian Calendar. Songkran falls on the hottest time of the year in Thailand.

It comes from Sanskrit and means 'a move or change'. The date of Thai New Year was set according to the astrological calculations. A most common tradition of throwing water over one another is performed with fun by the people. It is conceived to bring good rains all year ahead. This is called Rohd Nam Songkran, meaning 'The Pouring of Songkran Water. The main celebrations, in the capital, focus on bathing rites of replicas of revered Buddha images originating from various provinces in the North, South, East and central regions, interspersed with traditional food and dessert-making demonstrations and cultural performances. Songkran celebrations are incomplete unless water is thrown on each other. People roam the streets with buckets of water and children play with water guns to drench people. Water is thrown to get rid off all the bad deeds and give a fresh welcome to the New Year. Songkran is celebrated to refresh and renew in the New Year.

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