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Thingyan Myanmar
14-14 April
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Thingyan, the water festival is customarily celebrated for a period of three or four days up to the New Year's day.everyone, everywhere is splashnig each other with water from hoses, buckets and anything else that'll hold water, screaming and shouting, all in good humored merriment.

All are drenched, and no one cares. A splash is meant to be a compliment and water will continue to fly in every direction until dusk. On the eve of Thingyan, just about eve Myanmar household prepares an earthen pot filled with seven flowers representing seven days of the week, and places it in front of the house to welcome the descending Heavenly King. Young people also accrue merits by paying homage to old folks of their town or village, manicuring, then bathing them and washing their hair. Some young people temporarily join Buddhist orders.

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