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National Sovereignty Turkey
23-23 April
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Every year on April 23, Turkey commemorates the opening of the country’s National Assembly in 1920 when Turkey was in war and campaigning for its national independence and the abolition of the Treaty of Sèvres, an agreement between the Allied countries after the end of World War I partitioning the then Ottoman Empire (present-day Turkey).

This day is a special day dedicated to the children and to remind every Turkish citizen that the children are the future of the Turkish Republic. During the holiday, some of the most important activities during the holiday include replacing some members of the Grand National Assembly in Ankara and symbolically rule the country for a day. This symbolical bequeathal of responsibilities to children is a reminder of the important role of children in shaping the values of the future generations of the republic. Some governmental organizations, such as the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, invite children representative from other countries to showcase artistic performances unique from their country of origin. These children are held in care in foster homes or host families all throughout Turkey. In all major cities and towns across Turkey, children participate in folk dancing, parading in national costumes, while waving Turkey’s national flag.

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