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Queens Birthday Netherlands
30-30 April
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Queen's Day festivities began before the World War II with the celebration of birthday of Queen Wilhelmina on August 31 and since 1949, celebration of the birthday of her daughter and successor on the Dutch throne Queen Juliana, on April 30.

The Queen's birthday in the Netherlands is celebrated with parties, street markets, concerts and special events for the royal family on April 30 each year. In many towns and cities, particularly Amsterdam, Arnhem, Utrecht and The Hague, the Queen's Day celebrations begin on the evening of April 29. There are public music performances and street parties. Some events continue until daybreak when the actual Queen's Day events begin.Many people in the Netherlands have a day off work and schools are closed on April 30. There is a lot of busking and official musical performances on Queen's Day. The traditional drink on Queen's Day is oranje bitter. Celebrating Queen's Day means dressing in orange clothes (as the reigning dynasty is House of Orange and this is their color), painting faces and hair orange, drinking drinks tinted in this color (or just natural orange juice), wearing mock orange crowns, dressing as the queen and making jokes at the royal family.

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