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Matsu Goddess of the Sea Taiwan
10-10 May
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Mazu, or Mat-Su, Chinese Goddess of the Sea, is the story of an extraordinary girl who became a goddess.

The birthday of Goddess of Sea, Matsu is one of the biggest festivals that the people of Taiwan celebrate and is dedicated to the Goddess of Sea. The fishermen folk hold the Goddess in great esteem and are devout followers of the Goddess because it is the blessings of the Goddess that brings them happiness and fulfillment in their lives. The patron saint of the fishermen folk is also one of the most respected deities in the whole of Chinese pantheon. The celebration of the birthday of this goddess involves a lot of elaborate rites which are duly performed at various temples across the island. There are about three hundred such temples in the island nation of Taiwan where Matsu is enshrined. The largest celebration though takes place at the Chaotein temple in Peikang which is located near Chiayi. This is one of the most traditional festivals that is performed in Taiwan and is difficult to find a person from the fishermen community who doesn’t take part in the celebrations.

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