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Victoria Day Canada
18-18 May
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Victoria day in Canada is a statutory holiday and is celebrated on the Monday before or on the 24th of May in honour of the birthdays of Queen Victoria and the reigning sovereign.

Victoria Day is widely celebrated across the country in various celebration forms and formally marks the beginning of summer. The Birthday of the monarch was a day of celebration long before the federation. The parliament of the province of Canada created a legislation in 1834 recognising the 24th of May as the queens birthday. It was noted that on this same day in 1854 was the 35th birthday of Queen Victoria. Official protocol on Victoria Day dictates that the Royal Union flag must be flown from sunrise to sunset on all federal buildings, airports, military bases and any crown owned property throughout the country. Several cities hold parades, Victoria being the most prominent. Other celebrations consist of evening firework displays and as this is a long weekend many Canadians head for the parks and beaches to have a day relaxing from work and school.

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