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Ataturk Youth Day Turkey
19-19 May
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This annual holiday in Turkey commemorates Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and has been celebrated since 1933, marking the Turkish war of Independence and honours the pioneer Ataturk.

The aim of this holiday is to motivate the youth and to preserve the culture and values of Turkey. Ataturk handed the future of the republic to the youth of Turkey which is where the name Youth Day originates. Commemorative ceremonies  to Ataturk are held in Ankara, Samsun, Istanbul and other major cities throughout the country. According to tradition Turkish athletes carry the Turkish flag ashore at Samsun Harbour. Memorial wreaths are laid in Anitkabir, the site of Ataturk‚Äôs mausoleum. Elsewhere the Turkish national anthem is sung and speeches are made urging Turkeys youth the children of independent Turkey to respect democracy and peace.

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