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National Day Argentina
25-25 May
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May 25 is Argentina’s National Day, also known as First Government Day.

It celebrates the constitution of the first government that became independent from the colonial Spaniards after the May Revolution in 1810.  May 25 is celebrated all over Argentina, but the main center of celebrations is in Buenos Aires at the Plaza de Mayo, the huge town square in the heart of the city where in 1810 the revolutionary junta took power forming the country of Argentina. Argentinean flags are displayed everywhere, and people dress in the national colors of white and blue. The sun symbol in the flag commemorates the appearance of the sun through cloudy skies on May 25, 1810 during the first mass demonstration in favor of independence. Speeches from the President and Government officials are followed by music concerts as most of the population of Buenos Aires gathers in Plaza de Mayo. In other cities similar events are sponsored by the government, with dance, music, and art exhibitions as Argentineans celebrate the birth of their country.

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