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Madaraka Day Kenya
01-01 June
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The first day of June is a red letter day for Kenya.

This day is known as Madaraka Day in Kenya and is declared as a public holiday in the country. It is no ordinary day in Kenya. The same day in 1963 was a significant landmark in the struggle that led to the independence of Kenya. The day is celebrated with much vigor every year amongst Kenyans all across the globe. Nyayo Stadium in Nairobi is the most happening place in Kenya on this day. The President addresses the citizens of the nation and is then traditionally followed by an entertaining show. All the sectors of the uniformed services are a part of this highly amusing show which includes various singers and dancers. Madaraka Day is also an occasion where certain national issues are addressed by the ruling generation. Human rights issues are at the top of the agenda for this developing country. These questions were addressed by freedom fighters many years ago, and they remain relevant today to the new generation of youth.

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