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Independence Day Iceland
17-17 June
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17th June is the Independence Day of Iceland. Independence Day is the major annual event in Iceland.

Here Independence Day  is celebrated by processions, dancing in the streets, in the parks and at the schools. On 17th June, 1944 Iceland gained full freedom from Denmark. As it was the Birthday of Jon Sigurosson 17th June was also chosen as the Independence Day of Iceland. The major figure of the culture of Iceland was Jón Sigurðsson. He was the leader of 19th century's Independent Movement in Iceland. Iceland National Day is almost similar to a carnival. The Icelanders celebrate their Independence Day  through parades of children in colorful traditional clothing, lots of outdoor entertainment, dancing, competitions and lots of drinking. 17th June is the National holiday in Iceland as it is their Independence Day. The Independence Day of Iceland is celebrated with lots of colors and splendors by Icelanders.

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