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Flag Day Argentina
20-20 June
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The flag of Argentina was officially adopted in 1812.

The Argentinean flag is designed with three equal horizontal bands light blue, white and light blue with a yellow "Sun of May" in the center. The Day of the National Flag is the holiday dedicated to the Argentine flag and to the commemoration of its creator, Manuel Belgrano. It is celebrated on June 20, the anniversary of Belgrano's death in 1820. The main seat of the Flag Day commemorations is the National Flag Memorial, in Rosario, Santa Fe Province, where the flag was first hoisted on two artillery batteries in opposite banks of the ParanĂ¡ River. The celebration consists of a public meeting, speeches by the municipal and provincial authorities, the attendance of the President, and a parade including members of the military, veterans of the Falklands War, the police force, and a number of civilian organizations and associations.

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