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National Day Luxembourg
23-23 June
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The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, as it is officially know, is a small landlocked country in Europe bordered by France, Germany, and Belgium.

It has a population of almost half a million people and is divided into three districts or regions. The country celebrates June 23 every year to commemorate both National Day and the birth of the greatest ruler of that country, The Grand Duchess Charlotte. She was actually born on January 23, 1896 but the celebrations were shifted to June due to the weather being more favorable. The people remember the Grand Duchess Charlotte for increasing the sense of unity and nationalism during the 20th century, and they celebrate June 23 of every year as National Day. Traditionally the party is held the night before featuring a torchlight parade through Luxembourg City’s center and a fireworks show from the bridge that crosses over the Petrusse Valley. There’s often a mass held at the cathedral as well. After the fireworks, the city of Luxembourg City turns into a massive party with waffles, sausages, beer, music, and dancing throughout the streets.

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