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Saint Johns Day Andorra
24-24 June
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St. John’s Day (sometimes called the Feast of St. John) is celebrated on June 24 every year.

The Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, and some Protestant Churches commemorate the nativity of St. John on this day. John the Baptist is seen as a major religious figure who led the movement for Baptism near the Jordan River. St. John’s Day is celebrated as a public holiday in some countries with customs varying from location to location. Typical customs may include the gathering of the perennial herb St. John’s Wort for medicinal, religious, or spiritual use. The collection of flowers for floral wreaths is popular. The wreaths are dried and hung in the house all year until the next St. John’s Day. Fires are still important to many commemorators, used to represent Christ’s one brilliant light. While communal bonfires were traditional, many resort to small fires in the home that burn past midnight.

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