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Birthday of Kuan Kung Taiwan
28-28 June
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Kuan Kung, also known as Kuan Ti, is the Chinese god of war.

He protects and defends the oppressed and fights against all those who wish to take advantage from others. Besides this, he is one of the Chinese gods of wealth as well, helping people attract wealth and prosperity to their lives and homes whenever he is present in them. This god of war is the Saint Police Chief, the god who commands all those who fight evil. Kuan Kung is the keeper of all good people and the fighter of those who intend to hurt them or cause them a problem of any kind. He protects people from being robbed, assaulted and from all kinds of crimes in general. This way, if you wish to feel more secure while being away from home, you can carry a Kuan Kung as a lucky charm and receive its protection wherever you go.

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