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Army Day Guatemala
30-30 June
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In Guatemala, Dia del Ejercito is celebrated on June 30.

It is remembered because in 1871 the Liberal Revolution or "Revolución Liberal", led by Miguel García Granados and Justo Rufino Barrios, marched on the streets of Guatemala City putting an end to the Conservadora administration formerly headed by Rafael Carrera. This day is celebrated to honor the country’s soldiers that fought to liberate the Guatemalan public. It is known locally as Día del Ejército and is celebrated with great fanfare throughout the country. However, there are many political issues that surround the celebration and its purpose. In the past, typical celebrations included a military parade and performances that aimed at celebrating the efficiency of the Guatemalan army. However, in 2008, the government cancelled the military parade for budgetary reasons, though the more likely cause of the cancellation was in part due to efforts by the Sons and Daughters for Identity and Against Forgetting (HIJOS). The group has been campaigning for years to end the military parades, considering the parade an insult to the memories of the thousands of people dead or missing due to actions by the army.

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