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Heroes Day Zambia
01-01 July
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Heroes' Day or National Heroes' Day may refer to a number of commemorations of national heroes in different countries. It is often held on the birthday of a national hero or heroine, or the anniversary of their great deeds that made them heroes.

Heroes' Day in Zambia is a holiday in Zambia on the first Monday of July. In 1964, Zambia won its freedom from England and became an independent nation. Those who fought in that freedom struggle are honored and remembered each year on Heroes Day. The somber day is a public holiday and all Zambians take the day off work. Heroes'Day is observed on the first Monday in July. The Intention of this holiday is to honor citizens accorded the status of heroes and heroines. However, this day is more correlated to the Zambia International Trade Fair on which, including the Unity Day, employees rest. It is a memorial day for those who perished during the independence struggles. These are the people who sacrificed everything – their lives, their education, and their jobs for the independence of their country.

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