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San Jacinto Day Nicaragua
14-14 September
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In Nicaragua, the month of September is full of celebratory activities across the country to commemorate the 1856 battle at Hacienda San Jacinto and Nicaraguan independence. Starting on September 1, people hang the Nicaraguan flag around their homes, and the Central American Patrimonial Festivities begin. An inaugural ceremony at the Plaza de los Honores del Palacio Presidencial kicks off the week-long festival during which school marching bands from across the country combine music and choreography to compete against bands from other schools.

The final contest is held at the National Stadium in Managua, where the groups compete in front of judges for the title of best musical group in the country. Also during the month of September, a burning torch is carried through Central America, from Guatemala to Costa Rica. It is passed from hand to hand by the best students and other outstanding individuals from each municipality. Each person carries the torch for no more than 100 meters. The total run is 387 kilometers and involves more than 8,000 students. When the torch reaches the National Cultural Palace, the president kicks off folkloric events that occur throughout the day. On September 13, the national flag is hung at all schools and the national anthem is broadcast in across the country.September 14 is a national holiday dedicated to the anniversary of the independence of Central America and the battle at San Jacinto. Starting at 7:30 in the morning, the president awards the Presidential Medallion to the best students and teachers from around the country at the Plaza de la Fé Juan Pablo Segundo. Marching bands from 100 schools in the capital (approximately 15,000 students) and bands from the National Army and the Police participate in a parade.

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