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Independence Day Costa Rica
15-15 September
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Costa Rica celebrates it's Independence annually on September 15th. The people of Costa Rica celebrate Independence Day with much fun and merriment.

The national holiday is marked by nationalistic parades and musical performances by the students in the community. Celebrations start a night before Independence Day with a parade of homemade lanterns that symbolizes the day when the news arrived in Costa Rica at night time. The holiday is marked by parades and performances by students in the community.  Nearly all celebrations are composed of a parade in which regional schools perform the national anthem, carry the Costa Rican Flag and twirl batons.  The parade is a can’t miss event in every community where the main boulevard is lined with people cheering on the youngsters who proudly march past. All other central American countries celebrate their independence on September 15th which marked the declaration of Independence from Spanish rule on September 15th 1821.

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