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Independence Day Mexico
16-16 September
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On 16 September the entire country celebrates the day when in 1810 Mexico gained its independence from Spain.

On the night before, 'El Grito' - a dramatic re-enactment of the revolutionary Father Hidalgo's call to his fellow Mexicans to join the uprising - takes place in city halls throughout the country. Mexican flags are seemingly on display everywhere you go and celebrations continue late into the night. On 16 September, military parades are held in most Mexican cities. It is a time of great national pride and a celebration of Mexico's cultural identity during which food and drink play an important part of the activities. Lighted decorations are set up in every city, the most spectacular being those of the Z√≥calo, main plaza, in Mexico City.  This main plaza of every town and city is the place where the great 16 De Septiembre celebrations take place. People of all ages come to this fiesta, to take part in the collective gaiety!

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