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National Day Singapore
09-09 August
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The National Day in Singapore is observed every year on the 9th of August since the time Singapore gained her independence from Malaysia in the year 1965.

It was on this day that Singapore withdrew itself from the Federation of Malaysia and became a republic a month later. The National Day is celebrated by all people to venerate Singapore's independence.The National day in Singapore is thus celebrated with a great pomp and splendor and ensures an entertaining occasion of music, dance, colors and fireworks galore. The National Day of Singapore is celebrated with a national Day Parade that takes place in the Padang, or Singapore National Stadium. This Parade on Singapore National Day has become the grandest national event in Singapore. The celebrations of the national day of Singapore include an amazing exhibit of fireworks that marks the pinnacle of the parade when the sky becomes a canvas of colors. It is accompanied by military parades, colorful demonstrations of different cultural groups, amazing stunts by the Singapore Armed Forces parachutists and the melodious choirs by the school children. The Singaporeans dress themselves up in the patriotic colors of red and white. There are also a number of patriotic songs composed for the national day in Singapore such as 'Stand up for Singapore', 'Count on me Singapore', etc.

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