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Gohst Month begins Taiwan
14-14 August
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The seventh month of the lunar calendar, also known as “Ghost Month,” began today.

People immersed in  local Taiwanese folk religion believe that on the first day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar, the gates of hell are opened for one month, allowing spirits imprisoned in the ten halls of hell (18 levels sort of like purgatory) out for a vacation as they wander to and fro in the physical world. During this month, wandering specters and ghosts visit the world of the living to enjoy offerings of the people. During the month, the people of Taiwan pay close attention to their personal safety and avoid uttering the word “ghost” for fear of incurring bad luck. On the eve of the Ghost Month, paper lanterns are lit at the Laodagong Temple in Keelung, giving directions to the lost ghosts and spirits of the ancestors and other deities in visiting this world of the living to be feted. All the celebrations and events related to the Ghost Month and Festival kick off the moment the door to the otherworld is opened.

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