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Independence Day Chile
18-18 September
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September brings spring to Chile, and with it the days of celebration of Chile's independence from Spain. For days before and after September 18, the Dieciocho, the country celebrates with parades, festivities, food, music and beverages.

Much of the drinking, music and dancing occurs in the ramadas, open air "buildings" with a dance floor under a thatched roof, or one made traditionally with branches, as in traditional shelters. Refreshment stands, fondas, offer a variety of national food favorites. Days before the 18th of September, the festivities start off with festivals, food, drinks, dances and parades. The national anthem is sung with great pride from all corners of the city. There are also kite flying competitions and religious ceremonies. Santiago and its surrounding areas get to witness the arts and crafts, performances from school children, folkloric plays, beverages and local cuisine. The rodeo arenas are crowded with audiences who cheer on the huasos showing their craft inside the arena. The crowds thoroughly enjoy the traditional dances.

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