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Independence Day Pakistan
14-14 August
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Pakistan became an independent country in 1947.

The day is a national holiday  in Pakistan. The day is celebrated all over the country with flag raising ceremonies, tributes to the national heroes and fireworks taking place in the capital, Islamabad. The main celebrations takes place in Islamabad, where the President and Prime Minister  raise the national flag at the Presidential and Parliament buildings and deliver speeches. In the speech, the leaders highlight the achievements of the government, goals set for the future and in the words of the father of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam, bring "Unity, Faith and Discipline" to its people. Different shows and cultural activities organized through out the country. The celebrations of Independence Day start with the fireworks and flag hoisting ceremony in all major cities.At schools and other educational institutes children sing patriotic songs and present tab blow and perform other activities.

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